Matthew Santos – December’s Ghost

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It has been a while since I’ve posted something up of this type – simply beautiful music that you could listen to on repeat ad infinitium.

If you don’t recognise Matthew Santos’s name then you probably should. His distinctive soulful voice was one of the main reasons why Lupe Fiasco finally hit the big time, as he has so far appeared on five of his most popular tracks, picking up a Grammy award in the process.

This incredible achievement should have propelled Matthew deep into the public’s consciousness, but unfortunately many people are still sleeping on one of my favourite vocalists out there at the moment.

Matthew has a fantastic new album out called This Burning Ship of Fools, and he was even kind enough to let me feature one of the tracks on this blog as a free download.

@Detailmylife all good! feel free to use it on your blog.less than a minute ago via web

However I started thinking to myself as to why I should be throwing it up for free, it doesn’t really make sense and frankly, it’s not what this blog stands for.

1) This album, and the track we are featuring, are both available to buy right now.

2) The website Matthew is using to sell his album offers the the opportunity to buy his music in FLAC format for $10 USD or 99c per track. Now that’s a fucking steal. How many of your favourite artists are happy with selling low bitrate music to you via iTunes? Exactly.

December’s Ghost was written way back during his Superstar video shoot in 2008. On one particular day of the shoot he was left with pretty much nothing to do, as the Director apparantly ran out of film, so it left him with some time to put pen to paper.

December’s Ghost is a story about a man haunted by the woman he left behind as he’s out traveling the world and pursuing his dreams.

As soon as you listen to the track you will discover that he has some absolutely epic strings accompanying him throughout this masterpiece. Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you how much I love listening to strings on a track as I find it adds a stunning new dimension to music.

And if you find yourself listening to it over twenty times back to back on repeat, do what I did and buy it, this stream i’m putting up is only a 128kbps MP3 and it simply doesn’t do it justice.

I dare you not to fall in love with this track.

Matthew Santos – December’s Ghost

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