Jason James & Rodney Hazard – Fame Us

Submitted by / 13 years ago / New Album Releases

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I love listening to popularised and commercial hip-hop, but without question, the majority of stuff I listen to is severely lacking in lyrical quality and substance.

Luckily for me I just received an e-mail in my Inbox that contained material which aims to deliver on both counts. Although Fame Us is yet another song which talks about the underlying issues within celebrity culture, the wordplay is very strong and will have you listening on repeat until each line has fully digested in your mind.

I hadn’t heard of either Jason James or Rodney Hazard before I listened to this track, but I have now downloaded their new album Marvelous World Of Color (which they are currently giving away for free) in FLAC quality from Bandcamp, and I will be going through it with pleasure over the next couple of days. I suggest you do the same.