Empire Of The Sun – Alive

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Empire of The Sun Ice On The Dune

It has been nearly five years since the release of Empire of The Sun‘s debut album “Walking On A Dream” (which seems unfathomable to me), but now the band are back with new material in the form of their long awaited second album “Ice On The Dune” which is released on Monday June 17.

In-between projects, Luke Steele has found himself producing and working with the likes of Usher, whilst Nick Littlemore has been busy remixing Elton John’s back catalogue amongst other things.

Their comeback single is a track called “Alive“, but I have to admit, on first listen I found it rather underwhelming. I’m hoping this will improve with repeat plays, but if not I have a whole album to console myself with:

Empire of The Sun Ice On The Dune Tracklist:

01. Lux
02. DNA
03. Alive
04. Concert Pitch
05. Ice On The Dune
06. Awakening
07. I’ll Be Around
08. Old Flavours
09. Celebrate
10. Surround Sound
11. Disarm
12. Keep A Watch

Empire Of The Sun – “Alive”