Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 2: Tertre Rouge)

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In my last post I said that Cee-Lo had produced the biggest track in the last seven days, and whilst that may still be true, it definitely wasn’t my favourite thing to hit the net in the past week.

That accolade belonged to the video for the first part of Russ Chimes’s Midnight Club EP trilogy – Never Look Back.

A near perfect synergy of audio and video, the first installment was full to the brim with energy, action and interesting plot lines. The ending of Never Look Back left the story perfectly poised for the next chapter to follow on from, but it was clear to see before this video even hit the net that it would be acting as a bridge between the most important chapters – the first and last.

Not to say that this video isn’t extremely enjoyable, merely pointing out that this section of the story is geared towards informing the viewer about the circumstances behind the events in Never Look Back.

The video is fantastic, the music is as ever, well on point. The only disappointing aspect is the fact that I have to wait another whole week to watch the conclusion 🙁

edit: Vimeo link is finally up, fuck you NME.