Rihanna – We Found Love (Official Music Video)

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[pro-player width=’560′ height=’350′ type=’video’ image=’http://www.detailsofmylife.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Rihanna-We-Found-Love-Official-Music-Video.jpg’]http://media.whosay.com/81494/81494_480.flv[/pro-player]

After shooting to the top of the UK charts two weeks ago with her new single We Found Love, Rihanna has only waited until now to drop the official music video for it.

I’ve been wanting to watch this music video for a while now, purely because of the shitstorm she caused when she visited Ireland recently. And as if there wasn’t enough controversy already, Rihanna seems to have gone ahead and hired a Chris Brown lookalike to play her opposite number in the video. Weird.