Partial Set: Justice – Live @ Coachella

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One of my favourite French duos, Justice, took to the stage last night at Coachella to deliver their amazing, newly transformed live set.

Unfortunately, just like at UMF the video recording is only a partial one, but this time we are treated to the beginning of their show, rather than the end. Fair play to the crowd too, they totally smashed those losers who were there at Ultra.

Props to the cunt at 17:42 who decided to whip out his iPad to record the set. That’s definitely going to be some high quality footage right there mate, well done.

Justice Coachella Setlist:

00:00 – Intro
01:31 – Genesis
06:16 – Helix
09:52 – Civilization
12:20 – Newjack
14:14 – Canon
16:06 – Dance