Jamiroquai – Blue Skies (Official Music Video)

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There may not be anything particularly original or groundbreaking about the video for Jamiroquai‘s new single Blue Skies, but it definitely shows that they’re back and they mean business.

Thanks to Azzah I first listened to Blue Skies a few weeks ago, and as I was happy with what I heard. Blue Skies is a polar opposite to White Knuckle Ride in terms of energy, but it shows the how incredibly versatile the band are to be able to produce such songs.

Those of you who noticed the Porsche at the start of the video, do you think that this video acts as metaphor for their musical evolution? To me it seems that that way.

The first clue is JK’s obvious decision to drive away on his motorbike instead of getting in the Porsche (which is a car he probably would have driven if the video was shot in the Travelling Without Moving era). Then at the end he takes a lingering look at the bike before choosing to fly away in what is considered as a superior form of transport.

edit: Seems as though I was reading too much into it, the video was just a part of a series of videos. Disregard what I said!