Iggy Azalea – Change Your Life (Official Music Video)

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Today Iggy Azalea dropped the official music video for her brand new single “Change Your Life” managing to shock the hell out of me by making it even more explicit than her last. Normally I would be ecstatic that she’s baring all, but at this point it’s just looking like a desperate attempt to make up for the lack of quality behind her music.

The hypersexualization of Iggy Azalea worries me, as it says a lot about the future of women in the genre. Either you’re attractive; spending 90% of your time trying to look sexy for the male demographic, or demonstrate lyrical talent but end up not capitalising on the buzz that was built, eventually fading into darkness.

Someone prove me wrong for god’s sake, because getting your nips out for YouTube views seems just a little bit trashy.