Highlights of Glastonbury 2010: Day 2

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Muse were headlining Glastonbury on Saturday night, and by the looks of it they managed to stir the crowd much more than the Gorillaz did.

If any of you were wondering what Friday night may have been like if U2 had actually managed to turn up, you need look no further.

Epic wanker ‘The Edge’, joined Muse on stage to deliver a rousing performance of Where The Streets Have No Name, that left the crowd with a strong case of Bono amnesia.

I do feel for Chris Wolstenholme though, technically he must have been bored out of his mind.

Shakira was a welcome performer to Glastonbury this year. Being the most successful female singer in the world (behind Susan Boyle) is no mean feat, and she proved to the crowd the reasons behind her immense popularity.

Many music journals will be talking about the Colombian pop star’s decision to sing an “unlikely” cover of Islands, by low-fi London band The xx, but regular readers of this blog won’t be surprised in the slightest.

For that reason I have decided to post up her performance of World Cup centric track Waka Waka, which I have to admit I hadn’t heard at all before yesterday. It had a great energy about it though, and it seemed to get the crowd into a party state of mind.

In hindsight it was a pity that she encouraged us to cheer on England. After their “performance” against Germany they don’t deserve any kind of support whatsoever.

Last but not least we have the irresistibly sexy Marina Diamandis, who performed a variety of tracks from debut album The Family Jewels, but above you can watch her cover of 3OH3!’s previously upbeat number Starstrukk.

Oh, and don’t be scared by the cracked up kid at 02:15, god knows I was.