Highlights of Glastonbury 2010: Day 3

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The main man himself, Stevie Wonder, brought Glastonbury to a close on Sunday night. The Motown legend didn’t take long to get into his stride, playing the likes of Uptight, Superstition and a touching rendition of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature.

The finale is exactly what you would want for the close of such a festival. Unfortunately Michael Eavis was wheeled on to further ruin a song I already loath, Wonder’s 1981 hit Happy Birthday.

Click the link below for more highlights, including: Empire of The Sun & MGMT.

Empire of The Sun seemed to get absolutely no press coverage whatsoever during the festival, even though the crowds who had flocked to see them said they delivered one of the best performances they had ever seen.

Their appearance hadn’t escaped me though. Fortunately someone has uploaded some fairly decent footage of We Are The People, and I have managed to rip some even higher quality audio from the BBC for you guys to download too.

Empire of The Sun – We Are The People (Live @ Glastonbury)

On the Other stage, MGMT played to a massive crowd, but yet again started bitching about playing some of their old tracks.

“This used to be a popular song, back when we were a popular band,” Andrew VanWyngarden said before Time to Pretend.

Whatever dickheads, you get paid loads of money to do it so I don’t know why you keep complaining.

I couldn’t get all of the Sunday I footage I wanted from Glastonbury so I thought I would their performance of Kids up instead as apparently they have refused to perform at some other gigs. So apparently this is now a rarity now.