Flux Pavilion – Daydreamer (Official Music Video)

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Aiming for Circus Records’ biggest UK chart hit to date, Flux Pavilion has just released the official music video for his brand new single “Daydreamer“, which features Example.

To be honest I’m posting this more as a fan of the song than the video, as several of the filming techniques they have used seem unnecessary to me (i.e. the motion sickness inducing body harness that Example is wearing, and the slightly random decision to shoot in black and white).

I think after growing accustomed to the rough video they shot at XOYO, this seems akin to upgrading to Windows Vista after getting comfortable with XP. A crappy analogy yes, but maybe you will see what I mean after watching it for yourselves.

Regardless, definitely go out and support the record as there is are doubts from me about the quality of this song.