I despise this man:

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I can’t say I had a great deal of respect for Joe Jackson before Michael’s death, but since then he has astounded me. I never realised someone could be such a prick – thanks for proving me wrong Joe!

This candid interview with Michael Jackson (conducted by Martin Wanker Bashir) stands out in my memory, as what he said about his childhood was quite shocking. I’ve seen a few people argue that the Michael Jackson we knew may not have been the same if Joe had acted differently, but who can honestly advocate the whipping of a child with a belt?

Some standout Joe Jackson quotes from this video:

Interviewer: “How are you?”

Joe: “Great!”

Interviewer: “What about Janet and the rest of the daughters?”

Joe: “They all doing fine but I want to make a statement, this is a real good statement here!”

Joe: “Marshall and I, we own a record company called Ranch Records.”

and the next day:

Joe: “”We have a lot of good artists pitching to come out”

Hmm. What kind of wanker pitches his own record company during an interview about his son’s death? Oh that wasn’t rhetorical, the answer is Joe Jackson.

The man is a fucking freak, he is the antithesis of being a good parent. I just wish the media would stop giving him the light of day so he can crawl back to whatever hole he lives in in order to die a slow and painful death.