Deadmau5 finds a vocalist for his new track “The Veldt” during a live stream

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If you needed any more evidence about the power that the Internet has to shape the future of music production then this video is the only thing you need to watch.

During one of his regular live streams, Deadmau5 was working on a new track called “The Veldt” for his forthcoming brand new album. @ChrisJOffical (one of his fans) sent him a tweet to check out a vocal version of the mix that he put together himself and as you can see from the video above, Deadmau5 absolutely fell in love with it.

The two artists got in touch with each other live during the recording and made arrangements to put the track out officially. This is just a fantastic video to watch from start to finish.

Check the recording of the stream above, and you can check out the vocal mix he sent to Deadmau5 below.

Deadmau5 – “The Veldt” (Vocal Mix)