SmithAgentSmith – No Dudes Allowed

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SmithAgentSmith No Dudes Allowed

This must have just been a crazy coincidence, because no sooner than I mentioned SmithAgentSmith‘s name on our blog yesterday he appeared out of nowhere to deliver yet another fantastic mix called No Dudes Allowed. This is more of a traditional mix with several short mashups thrown in for good measure, as opposed to his Slow Your Roll mix which was several separate mashups strung together in a row.

SmithAgentSmith had this to say about his latest work:

“So on Saturday Feb 11th, I started making this “No Dudes Allowed” mix specifically for girls to party/workout/drive to. I thought I would put together all of the best songs from some of the best divas that have ever walked the face of the earth and bring them a modern high energy pop/house feel.”

“I obviously decided to start that mix with one of my favorite acapellas, Whitney Houston‘s How Will I Know. You probably already know I am a fan of Whitney’s music if you’ve ever heard my 80’s Diva mashup or if you have heard me drop her acapellas live in the club. To my shock, while working on this mix, I heard the news that she passed.”

“Out of respect for her passing, I added her So Emotional acapella to the end of the mix and I’m Every Woman somewhere in the middle. She truly was a star in her day and will be missed.”

SmithAgentSmith – “No Dudes Allowed”