ShockOne – Triple J Mix Up Exclusive

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ShockOne - Triple J Mix Up Exclusive

Not being Australian, I haven’t got a clue what Triple J Mix Up Exclusives is, and neither should you. However, they do seem to be putting on some decent music, and what an accent to go with it. Definitely makes a change from Radio 1 and that revolting air horn sound bite. Yeah, that one.

Anyway, below is the first of two mixes he played during his residency at the station in May. They’ve got a range of ShockOne‘s stuff in them, and more. He sounds a lot like his countrymen, Pendulum. What could be better? The mixes should give you a good rundown of his sound, and if you like it you can find more of his work on his facebook page. I was going to upload the second mix instead which I think is actually much better than the first, but computer said no. Go check them both out here.

ShockOne – Triple J Mix Up Exclusive Week 1