Playlist: Electronic Arts’ FIFA (1998 – 2011)

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FIFA Music Playlist

Computer games and popular music have shared a brilliant synergy for several decades now with one of the best examples being Electronic Arts’ FIFA series. Thanks to their fantastic soundtrack selection there’s a chance that someone you know will have had their music taste influenced in some way by one of the songs included in their games.

For instance on FIFA ’98 the theme music was Blur‘s Song 2, a track that took full advantage of being included on one of the video game industry’s biggest franchises at the time. The benefits were reciprocal, the arrangement was perfect for fans, developers and artists alike. For many gamers, this was the first time they had ever come into contact with Blur’s seminal rock anthem.

With each new release of FIFA, artists both large and small have profited off of the exposure gained from a franchise which has so far sold over 100 million copies worldwide. Fatboy Slim, Robbie Williams, BT, Gorillaz, Cassius, Kasabian, Bloc Party, Damian Marley, Jamiroquai, K’Naan, LCD Soundsystem, Royksopp, Boy Kill Boy, Young Love, Black Kids, Cut Copy, CSS, Foals, MGMT, Alex Metric, Major Lazer, Caribou, and Dan Black are just some of the names who have featured at some point on a FIFA menu.

Of course this is only one example of where video games and popular music have tag-teamed to blow your mind, but the main reason I created this post was because of the hard work of this man. Below we have a Grooveshark playlist that contains every single song contained on every FIFA title from 1998 to this year’s most recent release.

Whether you want to take a nostalgia trip or you simply fancy discovering some new music the playlist below definitely gets our seal of approval.