Flux Pavilion – Live @ Maida Vale

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Last Thursday Mistajam premièred an exclusive live session from Flux Pavilion, who took to the legendary Maida Vale studios to give the public a preview of his brand new touring setup which he will be taking around the country later in the year. As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, there really seems to be a growing trend in electronic music right now for the movement away from CDJ performances, back to a traditional band style setup complete with live instrumentation, and Flux Pavilion is the latest artist to join the revolution.

One major criticism I keep hearing with regards to electronic performances still seems to be: “oh, well, they just stood there, turned a few knows and pushed a few buttons”. But if you take a look at the video for his performance of “Daydreamer” (alongside Example), you can see that Flux is getting his hands dirty by rocking both a guitar and a synth. Josh is obviously no Jimi Hendrix (and don’t get me wrong, he definitely doesn’t need to be), but what you have to applaud is the bravery and forward thinking nature of this project.

Possibly the biggest compliment I can pay here is the fact that at certain points during his Maida Vale performance there are no real distinguishable differences when compared against their studio equivalents, which is something that most successful artists strive to recreate during their live shows. If you have the opportunity, get your hands on tickets for his new tour as soon as they become available, trust me.

Don’t forget that you can now purchase his new single “Daydreamer“, which is surely going to become his highest charting release to date when the final positions are announced on Sunday.

Flux Pavilion – “I Can’t Stop” (Live @ Maida Vale)

Flux Pavilion – “Superbad” (Live @ Maida Vale)

Flux Pavilion – “Daydreamer” (Live @ Maida Vale)

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