Angel Haze – Scala (London) – 7th May, 2013

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There is something, in Werkin’ Girls, that just turns the world around and drives you insane. I mean, positively. Well that’s it, the whole crowd watching Angel Haze starting her long awaited London gig just had a blast when hearing the first notes.

She might be relatively new, but this rapper is very good at rocking a stage, owning it for the whole show. The soul and the anger in her bars made the room hotter as she performed Gossip Folks, Drop It, Supreme and Hell Could Freeze. By the time the concert was (sadly) over and everybody was singing along New York, more than one must have wondered whether she is human, as her flow never stopped and she never seemed to take a breath.

London was waiting for this since February 21st and Raykeea didn’t disappoint, singing her new No Bueno and own personal Cleaning Out My Closet. Nobody could move (apart from that girl on molly), all frozen by the power of her words.

Angel Haze is a great rapper who can personalize others’ words, so it was a pleasure hearing her rendition of No Church In The Wild but, even better, seeing Iggy Azalea coming onstage to rap along to Otis. We all went mental and they made history. As Angel said, girls are for girls.