Interview: Theo Martins

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Theo Martins Interview

A few months ago we identified Theo Martins as an up and coming American rapper who was fully embracing the sounds of UK Dubstep before it became the trendy thing to do. Although that was the initial spark that piqued our interest, we have since discovered several examples that easily prove he is more than a just one-trick pony.

We were eager to hear more about his career and his plans for the future, so we arranged to have a chat. You can see the results below the cut.

We have only very recently discovered your work but we love it nevertheless. For those of our readers who have never heard of Theo Martins up until now, can you please tell them why they should check out your music?

“I appreciate your kind words, thank you. My name is Theo Martins and I’m a musician and I’m awfully cool. Who doesn’t like a cool kid?”

We saw that you recently completed an interview with StupidDope. You mentioned that you had secured yourself a major placement, but we were slightly confused as to what you meant by that. Could you elaborate a bit more please?

“I just finished a big collaboration with a noted Electro/Dubstep Producer for his major label album.”

Do you aspire to sign with a major label in the future? Is it a worry that you might be asked or forced to compromise your style of music?

“Initially I did. I was young and foolish with assumptions that a major label would change my life, but I was wrong in assuming that. I’ve matured and know that what I have to offer will be amazing whether or not I have a label backing. I want to continue with creative concepts, build with creative individuals and impact globally. I don’t know it all, I want to continue to grow musically so I can’t be afraid of change. Looking at my discography you’ll see an evolution in sound because I’m stilling growing. That’s the point of an artist. Whether labels come calling or not (which they have) it all depends on how the situation looks.”

We just featured your new track “For Helena” which samples Foster The People, and we are excited to hear that the track is from a forthcoming mixtape. Can you tell us about which producers you have been working with and what kind of sound/direction we should expect to hear on it?

“Ah, awesome. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed that song, it’s really personal to me. I planned on releasing a mixtape but after thinking about it I just don’t think it would serve any purpose in staying innovative. With that said, I’ve decided to go forth and wrap up my debut album”

“I’m really excited about it, it’s my best work to date and I know it will blow minds. I’m working with the incredible Kris Fame, Austin White, super duo Earth Moon Earth as well as two other suprises I’ll save for later. The project is really progressive, really dark. It’s captures a lot of my life as a teen growing into adulthood. Me and my friend Austin White say that it’s progressive Trap music in that the drums are heavy and dirty while the instruments and melodies are very modern. Looking for a Mid-November/December release.”

Speaking of producers, we know that you have a penchant for UK Dubstep. Have you ever thought about reaching out to any of your favourite artists to try and arrange a collaboration?

“I did! I’ve actually reached out to Benga a few times. Spoke to him personally regarding production, but it’s gone to no avail. I know he’s an extremely busy guy, but I’m hopeful”

“For him to respond to my inquiry said enough and I appreciate that.”

Have you been over to the UK before, and do you have any plans to visit us in the future?

“You want to know something cool? I’ve had a Passport since I was about 3 years old. My mother, elder sister and I were supposed to live there for good but ended up staying. I have a lot of family residing there and my mother has spent most of her 20’s schooling there. I plan on heading that was in 2012 for a bit, I’ve always wanted to head out that way.”

Along with yourself there are plenty of other artists who are trying to make the breakthrough. Do you have any recommendations about who we should keep an eye out for?

“Hmm, who could I recommend at this point? Skizzy Mars is a cool kid who I admire, he’s got a cool sound. Phil Ade is another emcee who is circulating pretty heavily around the interwebs. Thurzday & Yonas Michael of U-N-I who are now solo artists, they’re putting out some good music.”

“I can’t lie though, I can probably tell you more about new designers (home, decor, style) than I could any artist. There aren’t many artists I’ve heard that have caught my attention enough to mention.”

We noticed that you recently ran a remix competition with P&P for your track Up & Away which was won by Earth Moon Earth. We heavily support remixes on the blog, and we were wondering what has been your favourite remix to listen to recently?

“Thanks for checking that out. There were so many great submissions for the remix contest but Earth Moon Earth completely killed it. I couldn’t help but award them the winners”

“One of my favorite remixes to listen to is the KillaGraham remix of Cudi Zone by KiD Cudi, that thing right there is amazingly great.”

Finally just to delve a little deeper into your music taste, what has been your favourite track in the past 12 months?

“Hmm. That’s a tough question.”

“I can tell you what I’ve been listening to as of late though! Black Eyed Peas‘ latest album (Play It Loud & Don’t Stop The Party are really good), Will.I.Am‘s Songs About Girls, Kendrick Lamar‘s Section 80, KiD Cudi‘s Cudi Zone, Ghost, Marijuana are pretty great too.”

Thanks must go to Theo Martins for having the time and the patience to answer these questions. You can follow Theo Martins on Twitter, and if you want to hear more from him then head over to his Facebook account.