Frank Ocean Interview With Zane Lowe

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Frank Ocean Zane Lowe Interview

Frank Ocean sat down with Zane Lowe tonight to do an extended interview interspersed with some of his top records so far. He dropped a decent bits of new information about his collaboration with Jay-Z & Kanye West, nearly meeting Prince at the Grammys, recording his forthcoming album, and future tour dates. Check out the whole thing here.

“I can’t tour for two years straight because I have to record, I have to make more music, but I do want to get out [on tour] for a few months this year, I think it will be pretty sweet when I do.”

“I’m 10, 11 songs into this next thing. It’s another cohesive thing, bordering on a concept record again.” “At the end of “Channel ORANGE” there’s “Golden Girl” and there’s this beach scene, and I kinda wanted to extend that feel into the next record altogether, kinda make it that theme.” “So I’m going to Bora Bora when I get back, I put my studio from my house all in road cases, and imma take it to the beach there for a few weeks.”

“There’s this kid, King Krule who’s really sick who I’d like to do something with. Special voice, just really cool.”