Remix of the Month – January 2011

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So the time has come around once again where we as a community can collectively decide upon who unleashed the most jaw-dropping remix of last year. We have made a thorough record of every single remix that passed through our blog in 2011, with each track having an equal opportunity of making it through to our grand final to be in with the chance of being chosen as the overall winner.

The format of the competition is similar to that of last year’s except we have made a few minor changes which will hopefully allow for you guys to get involved a little more, as well as giving us the opportunity to highlight efforts that may have previously gone undetected on our musical radar.

We still have 12 months of voting to go through over the coming weeks, but after that has been completed (and before we announce the final shortlist) we will run a wildcard system where anybody can submit a 2011 release remix that hasn’t been featured in the competition up to that point. Suggestions will be collected with only the most popular tracks making it through to the voting stage. The winner of the wildcard stage will feature alongside 12 other tracks in the final “Remix of the Year 2011” vote-off, with a winner being declared shortly afterwards. Hopefully that made sense to you guys, if not just roll with it, we know what we’re doing.

So without further adieu, we must begin with last year’s January efforts which if I do say so myself is a poor calibre of tracks when compared to 2010. Whoever wins this in my opinion has a pretty easy route in to the final.

Jessie J – “Price Tag” feat. Devlin (Remix)


Ke$ha – “Sleezy” feat. Andre 3000 (Remix)


Rihanna – “S&M” feat. J. Cole (Remix)


Lloyd – “Lay It Down” (Rock City Remix)


Clare Maguire – “The Last Dance” (Chase & Status Remix)