Sleep Party People – Sleep Party People (Album)

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Sleep Party People

Sleep Party People’s marmite mixtures of ominous & intriguing sounds, propel experimental-indie to new heights. Maybe these heights are within the centre of cuckoo land but new heights they still are.

Although the name suggests otherwise, Sleep Party People is a solo project, compiled within the bedroom of the Danish act Brian Batz. The sporting of the bunny mask which is now second nature to Brian, is a perfect like-for-like contrast, as the weird sounds seem to catch us all by surprise.

Brian’s translation of his everyday worries transports us into a world of fairy tales, daydreams & bunny rabbits. Granted, it may not be to everyone’s taste, but for the sceptical few, it’s worth saying that it will grow on you as it has with me. Enjoy!

Sleep Party People – “Im Not Human At All”


Sleep Party People – “Ten Feet Up”


Sleep Party People – “Notes To You”