JMSN – †Pllajë† (EP Review)

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JMSN †Pllajë†

We have been stanning JMSN ever since we first caught wind of him back at the latter end of 2011, and since then we have been pining for a follow-up to his incredible debut album “†Priscilla†“. Our wish was granted three weeks ago when we got our review copy of JMSN‘s forthcoming ten-track EP “†Pllaj놓.

JMSN’s highly regarded debut, “†Priscilla†“, explored a number of personal woes including a deeply significant break-up and “†Pllaj놔 picks up exactly where he left off. The concept EP narrates the arch of emotions after the storm has passed, or as Christian prefers to refer to it, the “Pllajë” (plateau in Albanian). Hype blogs seem to have latched onto the fact that Christian was involved on a number of tracks on Kendrick Lamar’s “Good Kid mAAd City“, but for us the allure has always been the fact that he writes, produces, and sings all of his own music. “†Priscilla†” was major testament to the musical ability of the young detroit native, but on “†Pllaj놔 he takes it to a whole new level.

The three-track intro to the EP is guaranteed to blow your mind, slowly building from the spoken word title track “Pllajë” to the pounding assault on the senses which is “Adá“, finishing with arguably the best song from the EP, “Wasted Love” – which is simply sensational. Tracks such as “Walk Away“, “The One“, and “Thing U Missed” make up the bulk of the album and they stand on their own as legitimate single releases, showcasing the potential chart power that he has waiting to be unveiled. The only criticism we have of this release is that it’s too damn short, although we are fully aware that the EP is simply a precursor to his forthcoming “Blue” album that is set to drop early 2014.

With the dedicated cult following that JMSN is steadily building, expect next year to be one to remember for this tremendous talent.

Don’t fucking wait around for this one, you NEED to grab it at midnight.

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