Alt J – An Awesome Wave (Album Review)

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Alt J Album Cover

I remember playing in DJ mode on my PSR Yamaha keyboard and pressing the “yea” feature which, looking back, was literally the cheesiest sound effect ever. So rightfully; any musician(s) who can make this rather childish sound effect sound cool – which Alt J (∆) have achieved on “Intro” will always be present within my ever-changing record collection.

Alt J (∆) are named after delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, which is created when holding down the alt key and pressing J on a Mac. Delta, which is the mathematical symbol for change is extremely appropriate; since Alt J (∆) are the geeks of alternative music.

It’s extremely rare to come across a sound so eloquent yet – dare I say it – revolutionary. Personally, I’ve always disliked the idea of commercial, manufactured music. However, Alt J embody the melodious element of their music and amalgamate it with their wizardry; creating a hard-fusion of various sounds and genres channelled through mellow tones.

The Cambridge quartet’s debut album “An Awesome Wave” is the musical version of utopia. “Tessellate”, my favourite track of their album is particularly infectious. The dynamic grooves and synths coupled with lead singer Joe Newman’s vocals are reminiscent of tessellation – a pattern of shapes which fit perfectly together.

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