Essential Mix of The Year 2012

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Essential Mix of The Year 2012

It’s that time again where the BBC announces their shortlist for “Essential Mix of The Year” .

It looks as though they are going with a different format this time around, as they have only nominated five mixes opposed to the fifteen they had on show last year. This year’s “Essential Mix of The Year” shortlist includes: Nicolas Jaar, Rustie, Dusky, Lee Foss, and this week’s entrants Calyx & Teebee.

You can download and listen to each one of them below, in either .mp3 or (in some special cases) .m4a formats. Again, another rule change is in place this year which means the winning “Essential Mix of The Year” will be decided by a panel of judges, and not the public anymore 🙁

Calyx and Teebee – “Essential Mix” | .m4a | Tracklist

Nicolas Jaar – “Essential Mix” | .m4a | Tracklist

Dusky – “Essential Mix” | .m4a | Tracklist

Rustie – “Essential Mix” | .m4a | Tracklist

Lee Foss – “Essential Mix” | .m4a | Tracklist

  • tough to decide between dusky, rustie and calyx x teebee. i was surprisingly blown away by this week’s mix. i had heard about the duo but never really heard much of their stuff. incredible DnB mix.

  • Strikerr

    The mix Lee Foss is not downloadable.Thanks!

  • Rizzle

    Ummmm Solomuns is one of the best I’ve heard in a loooooong time.

  • A friend of mine (Dustin Dubiel) did a review of each candidate’s mix. Thought I’d cross post his thoughts on here:

    5. Dusky – To me this one was very uneventful, it was a solid house mix however didn’t really blow me away however I’m not a huge house guy. I really felt that Feed Me deserved this nomination much more. 4.5/10

    4. Rustie – This mix along with the next 4 were all excellent and it was tough to rank them however this one settles into the 4 spot. Loved the zelda and various other video game throwbacks. A great mix of midi sounds and hip/hop and r&b tracks while still keeping the vibe electronic. 7.5/10

    3. Lee Foss – I loved the beginning, the dedication to Ben Wilson who was ranked number 1 on ESPNU’s top 100 high school basketball players but was murdered at 17 before he had a chance to play at an elite level, followed up by a song by common, wilson’s next door neighbour as a child. Then a solid mix until the end. Definitely really enjoyed this one. 8/10

    2. Calyx and Teebee – Nice to see a drum and bass mix on here and this wasn’t just any DnB mix. If you are looking for something really hardcore this is not the mix for you. But if you are driving through the city at night (ripped or not) like I like to do, this was seriously the perfect mix for you. A great mix of chill DnB is the bottom line and I really loved it 9/10

    1. Nicolas Jaar – I saved this one for last because I’d never heard of Mr. Jaar. If you’ve seen the show twin peaks from the 90’s the beginning was really cool. He intros how he made the music for the show which was cool news to me in itself. After that the mix continues with a trend of orchestral music mixed with some subtle vocals and a good mix of electronic sounds. This is a truly remarkable mix and I really hope it takes the prize this year although the 3 above are also very worthy. Different than any mix I’ve ever heard on BBC radio 1 and although I wasn’t familiar with any of the tracks, it blew my socks off 9.5/10

  • Dan Ortega Marte

    Does your friend has a blog that he publishes his reviews ?